Never Enough Time

It’s tough juggling a job and a hobby that you wish was your job.  The trees in the Wasatch mountains are already turning and are probably about at their peak right now.  But I can only make it out to take pictures on weekends since I’m 9-5 the rest of the week.

It feels like the season is slipping away and I’m missing many photo opportunities; I’d like to get up in the Uintas, down to Southern Utah, hike to the top of some of the local mountains.  But at this rate there are only 1 or 2 more weekends of prime foliage pictures.

I keep wracking my mind how to get out more.  Shots after work in the nearby canyons.  Skipping out on my after work workout to get pictures of sunsets. and putting off other photo trips in areas that don’t have as brilliant fall colors.

Oh well.  At the current (limited) rate I’m shooting right now I still can’t keep up with post shot processing so I shouldn’t complain.


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