No Tripod, Long Exposure

Crossposted from Google+ for #LongExposureThursday, #TravelThursday, #ThirstyThursday

No tripod. To get the full waterfall from behind the bush on the right I had to lean out over the edge and brace the camera against a tree that was growing out over the gully. It was one of those times when you really make sure your wrist strap is tight incase anything slips.

A steady camera is vital with a long exposure but sometimes when you’re dangling over the abyss there is no place for a tripod. Just brace against what you can to limit movement, set the shot to continuous and fire off 3-4 shots hoping the middle ones doesn’t have a slight tremor from clicking the shutter button.

Exposure 1.0 sec
Aperture 14.0
Focal Length 20mm


2 thoughts on “No Tripod, Long Exposure”

    1. Yes! I do that a lot too. It nice with cameras that have a 2 second timer or a custom length timer so you don’t have to wait the full 10 seconds most cameras have as a default.


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