Calf Creek Sunset

New Lightroom CC has native RAW support for Olympus OMD E-M5 Mk II

And not a minute too soon.

Last week I got my new OMD E-M5 Mark II (Electric Boogaloo) and this weekend went on a 3 day Photo Trip down Scenic Utah State Route 12, the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway.  Being the first big trip out I was keen to try out all the cool features, the High-Res mode being at the top of the list.

Then I got home and found that Lightroom didn’t support anything off the camera except JPEGs.  I was able to convert the normal RAW files to DNG using Adobe’s standalone DNG converter but the High-Res .ORI shots weren’t recognized.  So I installed and fired up Olympus Viewer 3 to export the high res files to a format that was supported only to find I couldn’t get it to export to TIFF either.

Then today Adobe released Lightroom 6 (CC 2015).  The release notes don’t mention what support for new cameras are available but after a download, install, and catalog conversion I re-imported all my vacation shots.  All of the RAW files loaded, and better still the High-Res .ORI files imported with no problem.

Basically all is good in the world again.  I feel kind of sorry for all the EM5 part 2 owners who have been doing workarounds for the last 3 months; mostly because I didn’t have to put up with any of that.  Adobe timed the release perfect for me (Sorry fellas!).

Calf Creek Sunset
GSE NP Sunset with Indian Paint Brush.

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