The trail to False Kiva wasn’t as deadly as I thought.

This weekend I took a trip to Canyonlands and took some sunset pictures at “False Kiva” the hike goes down the side of a cliff to an alcove but wasn’t nearly as dangerous as I thought it would be. At worst the trail is 6ft from the edge but the drop-off is only 20ft or so to the next ledge. More of a broken arm fall than a plunge to your death. The trail is a bit strenuous at the kiva but doable for hikers.

I’m so far behind in editing photos it may take a while to get it up but here’s a quick photo of the area since most people see the finished shots. This is where you’re working. There are more ruins in the alcove than just the kiva, and rules posted basically saying stay out of it all. After all it is and archeological burial ground, treat it with respect.

It was Sunday night at the head of the busy season and still had the site to myself. Well except for the 4 very adventurous kangaroo mice that kept threatening to dive into my camera bag.



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