Modern Mary Magdalene

Churches, Cathedrals, and Papal Palaces in Provence

Trying to edit through all the pictures from my trip to France.  I decided to edit them by category instead of by day, so far I’m only through all the Church pictures I took but I’m really super impressed with the low light performance of the OMD EM5 Mk-II.  I didn’t have a tripod with me out of respect to church-goers.  I also made use of the OMD’s silent shutter mode and articulating screen so for the most part I was just silently wandering around the church with my head down looking at the camera at waist level.

Here’s the link to the full 71 pictures:
Churches, Cathedrals, and Papal Palaces in Provence

Cathedral, Aix en Provence

Handheld HDR.  Still working out kinks with Lightroom’s new HDR module.  The afternoon light streaming through window high above just happened to fall perfectly on the man reading his bible.  I couldn’t have posed it better if I wanted.

Aix Chapel
Statues and Paintings

A dim side chapel in the Cathedral, a big testament to the low light abilities of the OMD and it’s stabilization to shoot this without a tripod.

Jesus Statue
Jesus Statue

It was really low key taking shots from the waist with the camera.  With the silent shutter you really have to be paying attention that the picture was taken because the camera gives no response at all when you press the shutter except for a flicker of the screen (if you have the screen on).

Modern Mary Magdalene
Modern Mary Magdalene

My favorite picture of the set.  I think she had just got done singing in the church or rehearsing to sing later; but she definitely saw me taking a picture (I had it to my eye using the viewfinder) and put a little more strut in her step as she walked past.  I just love the contrast of her strutting in her red dress down the aisle of the Cathedral.


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