I need to get out!

NPS/Kenny Clarke
Temple of the sun NPS/Kenny Clarke

I’ve been feeling too trapped in the house and work recently.  I need to get out to get some photo time in.

I wanted to visit Bryce Canyon last weekend but the stars didn’t align so I decided this weekend I would align them myself if I have to.  Turns out I needn’t have bothered; they’re aligning on their own, this Sunday is the Summer Solstice and longest day of the year.  Also the early evening also sees Jupiter and Venus in the west and Saturn in the East.  And the crescent moon sets early giving an ideally dark night for pictures of the stars.

Another park area I wanted to visit was Capitol Reef’s Cathedral Valley, and then it all came together.  I could get Summer Solstice pictures at the Temple of the Sun!

I’m still working out the logistics in my head (not the least of which is trying to get a 4WD vehicle that can get me in there, plus a place to sleep). But the official Solstice is about 10:30am on Sunday.  Moonrise is about 11:30am so I can get some pics of the moon over its respective temple as well.  Sunrise pictures there would be great too but it’s about an hour of 4WD drive from the Cathedral Valley Campground, so probably pack up and nap in the car throughout the night.  Not supposed to be any clouds but the sun peaking over the orange Temple against a pure deep blue sky should work pretty nice.

The rest of the weekend I can explore the northern Cathedral Valley where I’ve never been before. And spend the time trying to deal with the near 100 degree temperatures expected over the weekend.


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