Time to Explore: Heading to Yellowstone

Haven’t been doing much photo editing, too busy taking photos.  I can’t sleep I’m so excited to spend 5 days in Yellowstone starting tomorrow.

I was watching Ken Burns Documentary “The National Parks” and it’s hard to watch that and not immediately book a trip.
I couldn’t resist.  How can you watch and not want to goto our first parks?

Anyway I hope to take some pictures, but I’m just excited to celebrate the park.  I got a bunch of historic photos, I want to try to re-create them from the modern day and then blend them in Photoshop.  Some juxtaposition of how we treated parks then vs how we treat them now.
We’ll see what I can get done while being distracted by the world’s wonders.

(Written last night but posted the minute I’m hitting the road.  Wish me luck.)


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