Electric Peak Yellowstone

It’s not wildlife, and It’s not an erupting geyser, but it’s still pretty.

I was editing last night and came across the Yellowstone picture I mentioned other tourists being disappointed with.  As this is being taken imagine about 5 other people to my left and right asking me why I’m taking it.

Electric Peak Yellowstone
Electric Peak from Swan Lake

Sure there are no Bison.  There isn’t an erupting geyser (we’re outside the Caldera at this point). It’s just a picture of Electric Peak at the Swan Lake turnout.  I was driving north from my campsite to go photograph the Re-Dedication of the Horace Albright Visitor Center at 10am and through it was a beautiful area.  The storm the day before led to some interesting clouds over the plains.  A lot of the world would consider a place this pristine an beautiful a tourist location in itself.

It won’t be the front page of 500px and won’t end up in National Geographic.  It was just an example to me how Beautiful Yellowstone is even without all the wildlife and geysers,


One thought on “It’s not wildlife, and It’s not an erupting geyser, but it’s still pretty.”

  1. Don’t worry about the nay-sayers. There are more than enough pictures of bison. It’s a nice shot with a lot of good subtle color. I hope Yellowstone is as nice when I go this summer.


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