North Window Turret Arch Sunset

Vemödalen – Fear that your photograph has already been photographed.

Cool video and a problem I suffer from extensively.

I think it’s good to take the “Postcard Picture” that everybody takes, you want to say you’ve been there too.  But then the next step is to do your own thing with it.  For better or for worse try your own spin on it.  Too many photographers get caught up in chasing the amazing picture that everybody else took and you end up with a large group of sheep doing the same thing and a bunch of identical pics being sold to doctors offices everywhere.

Google search of the same picture
Google images of Turret arch through North Window

One picture I wanted to do was of Turret Arch being viewed through North Window Arch in Arches.  A quick google search shows the “Postcard View”, sunrise through one arch shining on the other arch.  Or just before sunrise through the arches, or just after sunrise through the arches.  But what did it look like at sunset?

I did some searching and found the sun would almost line up the two arches in winter (unfortunately not quite shining through both arches at the same time).  But it allowed me to get a unique version of the same perspective that I still haven’t seen anywhere else.

North Window Turret Arch Sunset
North Window Turret Arch Sunset. 4 Arches in 1 shot.

The perspective is identical because there is literally 1 place to stand, and maybe 5 other photographers can cram in to the side but they won’t have Turret Arch centered. Next time I’m down that I might take a picture of them taking pictures.  Sometimes it’s fun to turn the camera on the photographers themselves.


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