Bad photo days are the best time to improve yourself. 

A recent online discussion got me thinking about taking “Crappy pictures” in poor light or uneventful non-photogenic locations. It’s easy to take a great picture of a gorgeous sunset at a stunning overlook. But you have to admit, it’s the subject matter making it great; it’s much harder to to make the ordinaryordinary extraordinary. 

I really envy photographers that can create beauty where I saw none. But that means that the best way to challenge yourself is to go out and shoot in those situations. Digital shots are free, take a bunch of shots you won’t ever show anybody. It’s a great exercise for your photographic muscles. Bad photo days are the difficult challenge that will help you grow. 

Example is my cell phone pic on an overcast day during my work break from the heart of the city. Not my best, probably not a “keeper”, but better than I thought I could pull off. 




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