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You know you’re a photography nerd when…

You start getting excited about setting up a new camera bag kit. 

“It will have this camera, and this lens, and this filter, and this Tripod. I’ll be setup to do anything in an ultra light package!”

Just thoughts I have while hiking on a trail. 


No Tripod, Long Exposure

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No tripod. To get the full waterfall from behind the bush on the right I had to lean out over the edge and brace the camera against a tree that was growing out over the gully. It was one of those times when you really make sure your wrist strap is tight incase anything slips.

A steady camera is vital with a long exposure but sometimes when you’re dangling over the abyss there is no place for a tripod. Just brace against what you can to limit movement, set the shot to continuous and fire off 3-4 shots hoping the middle ones doesn’t have a slight tremor from clicking the shutter button.

Exposure 1.0 sec
Aperture 14.0
Focal Length 20mm